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i had a random thought

what if there was a notebook called the ship note

its like the death note, but instead of killing people, you write two people’s names beside each other

and they fall in love

writing details and cause of how they fell in love beside their names

no details? love at first sight.

isn’t it a beautiful thing to have





Saving Face (2012), acid attacks on women in Pakistan

Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.

You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.

As a South Asian American feminist, let me remind everyone that oppression is not a competition.

Just because we fight one type of sexism doesn’t mean we don’t care about other instances of sexism that don’t affect us directly in our day to day lives.

My heart goes out to this woman and the hundreds of other victims like her. I want to educate people about these kinds of incidents. I support organizations that help women like this.

You may think that dress code issues are trivial, but they are related to a larger issue of women’s bodily autonomy, which affects women’s health and safety.

So please, let’s try to bring awareness and bring about change instead of insulting entire groups of people because they are facing issues that are less scary than the one presented.

oppression is not a competition

thank you so much for this wording

I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe almost every guy, especially the lonely and bored ones but doesn’t really want to commit, knows that a girl with a broken heart is easily deceived with sweet words and would easily give in, and they would take advantage of it for their own benefits without even giving a slightest consideration or feeling a slightest guilt for breaking her heart even more into pieces again.
  • (A con is going on nearby, and the fast food joint is full of people in cosplay. A rather attractive woman—dressed as a cheerleader with a pink chainsaw—leaves the building with her friends. They are whistled at by two rowdy customers entering.)

  • Customer #1:

    “Hey dude, check out all these freaks in here!”

  • Customer #2:

    “Oh, God! They’re everywhere! F****** freaks.”

  • Customer #1:

    *to a male cosplayer in front of him* “Oi mate, what the f*** are you supposed to be?”

  • Male Cosplayer #1:

    “M-me? I’m ‘Karkat’ from Homestuck.”

  • Customer #1:

    “Well, you look like a joke. What the f*** are those on your head?”

  • (The customer flicks the orange horns clipped to the cosplayer’s hair.)

  • Male Cosplayer #1:

    “Please don’t do that; I made these myself and I don’t want them to break.”

  • Customer #2:

    “You hear that? The little freak made his own horns! Ah, I guess it’s not all bad though; did you see that chick before with the massive rack?”

  • Customer #1:

    “I know, you don’t see hot cheerleaders everyday. She’s totally going to get it off me later.”

  • Customer #2:

    “Yeah, we’ll find her and give it to her good. I’m going to squeeze those t*** of her so hard.”

  • Male Cosplayer #1:

    “Can you please stop?! It’s really degrading to talk about women like that.”

  • (The whole restaurant goes quiet, and they turn to the rowdy customers.)

  • Customer #1:

    “If the slag didn’t want it, should wouldn’t have them hanging out.”

  • Male Cosplayer #1:

    “She was in costume! Besides, what does it matter how she was dressed? Clothing isn’t an invitation.”

  • Customer #2:

    “Do you want to take this outside?”

  • (Just then, another male customer in the corner, who also happens to be a cosplayer, speaks up.)

  • Male Cosplayer #2:

    “If you fight him, you have to fight me first!”

  • Customer #2:

    “Who said that?”

  • (Male Cosplayer #2 stands up to reveal he is well over 6 ft tall, and very muscular, but in costume too.)

  • Male Cosplayer #2:

    “I am Thor, Son of Odin, God of Thunder, who commands the Lightning and the Storm!”

  • (At that moment, a third cosplayer stands up, revealing he too is very tall and muscular.)

  • Male Cosplayer #3:

    “And I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose… to defend women from sexist pigs like you, and defend people’s right to cosplay!”

  • (The two rowdy customers quickly remove themselves from the restaurant, while Karkat, Thor and Loki receive a round of applause.)

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